Landscape Matching

GLNHOA Landscape Matching Program

Each year your Board budgets funds for our Landscape Matching Program which allows homeowners to cost share with the GLNHOA on plantings of bushes or trees on common areas maintained by GLNHOA. This is an opportunity for homeowners to have additional plantings on common areas which are typically near their property. There is a limited budget for this program, so we are on a first-come first-served basis. 

Once a Landscape Matching application is received, our Landscape Committee will work with the homeowner on planting selections, location on common property and the current pricing for plantings. Prices for various plantings are listed in the GLNHOA Current Plant Pricing Listing document below. Use these when completing the GLNHOA Landscape Matching Program document below. When everything is agreed to, the application can be approved and our landscape contractor will schedule the planting during the spring or fall planting season. 

If you are interested, read over the program details in the GLNHOA Landscape Matching Program document.  Print page 3, fill it out and mail it to our property manager, McGill Management, Inc., Attention:  GLNHOA Landscape Matching, 1314 North Rand Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60004. Alternatively, the completed application can be scanned and sent to Renee Guerrero at Please put GLNHOA Landscape Matching in the Subject line.

This program will help us maintain our community’s exceptional landscape qualities for enjoyment of all homeowners and visitors.  Additionally, the sponsoring homeowner will enjoy increased landscaping on common property near the homeowner's property and at a very attractive price.