Property Manager Contacts

Our Association’s Property Manager, McGill Management, Inc., is an independent contractor hired by GLNHOA’s Board to help fulfill the Association’s obligations to our homeowners as provided in the Declarations and Bylaws of the Association. These include maintenance of common area landscaping, neighborhood and main entrance monuments, lighting, fencing and fountains. The Property Manager also handles certain of Association financial matters including payments to vendors and the collection of the yearly Association assessment from owners. It helps conduct Board meetings and annual elections to select Board members and notices homeowners via email or mailings of these meetings.

If homeowners have a concern about any of the above areas they should contact our Property Manager who can raise the matter with your Board for resolution.

Main contacts are: 


Community Association Manager Kim Merrigan, President, McGill Management, Inc

1314 North Rand Road, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004

Phone: 847-259-1331, ext. 110, Direct Dial: 847-577-5600

Renee Guerrero (Kim’s Assistant)

Phone: 847-259-1331, ext. 150, Direct Dial 847-577-5615

For assistance with payment of your assessment:

Pat Baker, Accounts Receivable

Phone: 847-259-1331, ext. 202

Online customer service is also at

Please reference GLNHOA on the Subject line in emails sent to McGill or its staff.

If you are selling or refinancing your home, please visit and follow the prompts. You’ll need a clear letter of assessment to order to sell your home.

Homeowner contact Information

In order to keep owners aware of important developments in Gregg’s Landing North, your Board has our property manager, McGill Management, Inc., send out occasional emails to our homeowners. Theses include notices of Board meetings and other items that the Board feels are of interest to homeowners.  This email flow is kept to a low level.  We can only reach you by email if our property manager has your contact information.  

Please consider completing the Homeowner Contact Information Form below and return it to McGill. You can mail the completed form to McGill or email them a completed scanned copy of the form.  One option available on the form is to complete the emergency contact information section which might be helpful in an emergency.

Homeowner Contact Information form

Gregg's Landing North Homeowner Contact Info (pdf)


online payments of Assessments and fees

GLNHOA owners can now make online payments of yearly assessments and other fees owed via E-check or credit card.  A small processing fee is charged.  The Online Payment Options document below describes how to do this.

online payment options

GLNHOA Online Payment Options (pdf)